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Ikea Kids Tent By Peter Kostelgov

A tent is definitely one of the features that never fail to impress us. It has a promising playhouse, a slide, a playground and it’s just in one of them but it also continues to grow up becoming more impressive as time passes. It sounds like a long and intriguing adventure but is just a first step towards a bigger goal. Nowadays, even though there are so many kids currently playing and discovering the tent kind instead of just the actual tent, there’s still enough space for a kid to live big in the trees.

Even though there are still a lot of toys and ideas out there for kids to play on, a tent is almost impossible to learn. Still, there are solutions. For example, this tent is perfect for grown-ups and they don’t even need to know every detail about building it. This tent, for example, is very simple. It’s made only of cardboard and plywood. It’s fun and it’s also an alternative to the regular tent. The fun part, however, would have to be the painted bright yellow part.

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The yellow color is what really sells the resemblance between these two and makes you want to smile and talk to the kids. The tent is also a very safe piece and the fact that you put it on ground makes it even safer. The painted guardrails along with the canvas and the pillows really complete the image. The whole thing is hand made and very durable so that’s about it.

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