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Heng Lamp By Jonathan Segal

The key to any creative designer is using the best materials and combining them in ways that make it look like artwork. This is also the reason why these great lamps are so much loved and seen. Theheng collection is a stunning and poetic lamp design. It was created by the Chinese designer Jonathan Segal.

The great master craftsmanship will hide in the wall so as not to reveal a secret. Theheng collection were designed as a wall lamp. The actually they are a beautiful and modern interpretation of the true meaning of the term. Part of the philosophy is to think of the light as the vital pit of life. The designers want to show us their real life creativity so they tried to transpose the light inside spaces that we commonly perceive as dark and dull. The light is the one coming through the glass. By using glass for the lamps, the light source is even more stunning: the light that passes through the glass is completely transparent.

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The resulting pendants are very attractive and the visual impact is very strong. They are very large, available in many colors and having a strong visual impact. The light is so beautiful and yet so delicate that the image is complete: a light fixture inside a blown glass structure.Available for $4,6k.

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