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Gray Floors, A Modern And Dynamic Way Of Achieving The Air Of A Living Room

The grey floor has been a popular choice of décor throughout the years for most of the years. Its simplicity, sleek lines, comfort and practical use of color might seem to be perfect for any room but they can be integrated into any décor without any trouble. But what if the grey floor were combined with other colors, having changes to color or using different shades of the same color?

It’s actually a very clever choice. The result is a very chic and modern look. The key to a perfect balance is not to use too many colors but to create a balance through small details. For example, in the case of a modern living room, you could opt for grey floors that combine beautifully with yellow, burgundy or beige. The result would be a contrastive décor but without colorful insertions. The grey shades hide the wear and the easy to clean lines that don’t really define a good décor.

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You could also opt for less striking colors for your grey floors. Simplicity in this case is also what makes the grey shades stand out and be so elegant and bold. But an easy way to achieve this balance is by playing with different textures and finishes. You could opt for glass or ceramic floors. The grey and yellow combination is very chic and goes well with the earthy tones of the wood. An easy way to create a sophisticated and elegant décor is by using metallic finishes.

A grey floor can be a nice addition to a kitchen where it’s nice to have some warmth and coziness without making the space feel too busy and cluttered. A grey kitchen floor can be an unexpected element in a minimalist décor although it’s also a very inspiring idea.

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In a kitchen, you want to be as simple and minimal as possible. Here you can add task lighting and a variety of other functions without too much fuss. The grey floor, for example, can be a wonderful canvas or one you can display on the walls.

In a home with an exposed brick wall walls or one where the floor matches that of the furniture, a grey floor can be an unexpected element that mirrors the texture of the bricks. The floor can add character to the space without necessarily making the room feel smaller.

In a living room, the comfortable and cozy bedroom can easily accommodate a grey floor. The floor blends in as a contrast to the white walls and also follows the same relaxing and soothing colors. The floor can further be supported by wooden beams.

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