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20×20 Square Feet Works Great In Small Homes

What could be simpler than a home without bookshelves? I don’t know, it’s very simple. But shelves are so annoying when you have to read the book, paint something on them or store and organize stuff in a very incrusive manner. An alternative, though, to the usual bookshelves is to use bookshelves. And since it’s not your first choice, you might as well choose one that makes you happy.

This one was made by hand and it’s compatible with almost all types of shelves. This way it can be spread around and it also adapts to a variety of different decors. It’s made of heavy-duty steel and it’s liquid-concrete which makes it very durable. However, even with such a simple and practically austere design it’s not the best choice for small rooms or areas with limited room for books and accessories.

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The shelves can be arranged in numerous ways. But some simple options are in order to be practical and to also create a nice visual effect. For example, this wooden shelf has multiple levels for books. The books are organized on so that they can have a double function. The books can be stored in multiple positions.

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