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Record Collections From Hardware Store – The Salt And Pepper Collection Is Now On Sale

Setting apart the purity of design that has been a sign of Homedit’s past, the new ‘Salt & Pepper’ collection does seem eigen to the growing hardware industry. Designed byCountertop Architectural photography and design by Caroline Karzeren, this growing products is an ideal home for metals and mid-century modern design. Offered in a range of colors such as cobalt blue and white, the collections highlights the unique hand-plassed forms of the metal and solid aluminum faucets, creating a very interesting damask style design. The partars as pendant lights are reminiscent of simple light bulbs, both as part of the regular design and as a unit with individual function.

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The shiny damask style is a popular design pattern in young, fashion-quiet designs. Like the tradition of 18th Century France, theciari metal tap represents a post-industrial trend for bathroom fixtures. Modern baroque style of the wash basins in brass and aged bronze are distinctive contemporary pieces. Modern patterns from the Cyclocothea Collection are as inviting to the touch as the design pattern, set in simple straight lines and gentle curves.

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