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Modern Kitchen Pulls And Faucets By Gitta Gschaus

The kitchen is what every parent and a mother would love in their dream land. Nowadays it’s a modern, clean, organized space that can be rotated in many ways to create different zones. And Gitta Gschaus designed the kitchen pulls and faucets for tons of different styles and scales.

The collection includes modern and retro faucets that can be used both in interior living spaces as well as outside.The pull models are available with metal or natural finishes and are available as both wall- and freestanding models.

The collection also offers a variety of pull-out spout options. The models that are available with a stationary nozzle are suitable for both small and large kitchens. There are lots of models to choose from in indoor and outdoor environments. So whether you’re working on the deck or the deck level, use the Knoll faucet to make the most of your space.{found on gittreno}.

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