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Loft Apartments Cincinnati’s Brickhouse Is A Rustic Modern Loft Converted Into Three Bedrooms

We are always excited to hear designers and remodel homes which are a big change from the original style. Lofts can be converted into cozy homes which are very expensive to change. Before remodeling, it was common for the walls to be painted or floors darker than the rest of the house. The floors could be replaced with beautiful and colorful floorboards or floors that looked like wood. Sometimes difficult repairs might require you to paint, install tiles and other similar materials. As a designer, you probably imagined yourself sleeping in a bed made of cardboard. Well, you don’t necessarily need to travel the world in order to obtain this material. Lofts can be a very cozy and chic room.

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So here’s a second interior, this time in a loft located in a brick house in hoodoir. What is unique about this loft is the second floor. It was originally a kitchen and dining room. The ceiling was extended and most of the walls were painted white. This loft was opened up and two levels were created. There’s a second floor and a terrace, as well as a lounge area. This level is actually 8 meters long and has narrow walls that create a space like at the entrance. The loft has a minimalist interior design with white walls and wooden floors. There’s a contrast between the ceiling and the walls but these details are not a distracting feature. The shelves are white and make the décor seem bright, despite the fact that there are no dark colored pieces in there. The wide glass windows let you see the atmosphere inside but only through natural light.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

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