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Bedframe With Drawers

If you love to have your furniture in your bedroom but you don’t want to get dirty and are not a fan of the duvet apron, you might like this bed frame which is actually a combination of a comforter and a bed. The cool thing about it is that it has a simple and cool design and is made of pine wood. It’s made from a single piece of sheet metal and has a square profile. The frame is available in a variety of different colors so you can also choose to opt for one that stands out.

But let’s have a look at the bed frame. As it turns out, it’s not such a complicated piece of furniture as it may seem at first it. The main thing to take into consideration about it is that you don’t need a bed for this. You can opt for a foldaway bed or a crawl space bed and you can also use a table or some wall mounted storage modules to raise the bed off the ground. Let’s see what else you could do.

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You know those tables that have pockets?. The ones that have pockets are pretty cool too and if you can find a cube with these on you could save a lot of money. Everyone probably would have already built these things before but you can do that with minimal intervention to the collection of bare materials. For example, maybe store dividers that can be used to divide dining room table into two sections. You can make these from store bought wooden crates.

You know what else you could build? A fire pit. Plenty of affordable and simple things like a fire pit can come as a natural thing to do and there are many ways in which you can take advantage of them. One idea is to build a fire pit out of galvanized pipes. This is more durable and resilient than a wood pit which is a bonus.

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If you really want to have a fire pit just mounted on the wall, there are many cool ideas which you can use, like this one puts together is from rustic fire pit with comfortable garden outrains. It’s perfect for gardens, patios or open terraces. The frame is made of locally sourced wood which is stronger than any other kind of wood and weather-resistant.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the iconic piece of furniture which we’re all definitely familiar with: the sofa. We have all seen them on movies, malls and sofas and we’re very familiar with that. What we don’t remember about these sofas is the fact that they were designed by architect Maria Annette Eklund who designed them for Centric Design Group and made them cantilevered over the space.

As you can see, storage is not part of the furniture’s design. There’s a special drawer which connects the bed and the stairs and functions as a wardrobe in addition to a sleek storage bench/ chair. Everything looks pretty great in here and was selected by the client to fill a space from two sides. It has sliding doors on both sides and a minimalist and modern look.

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The hallway-facing wall of this residence in Reims explains that all the hallway lights used here have a strong LED light strip built in. It offers ambient and task lighting, a small desktop for walking around and large shelving above the bed for keeping an eye on while upstairs.

Built-in bathroom like this one can be easily integrated into a variety of different interior designs and decors.

The sauna, the sauna-sitting room, the bathroom and the lounge area are all space-efficient and focused specifically at keeping the floor plan simple and practical.

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