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Terra Cotta Pottery Restaurant In Italy By Studio Oml

Nowadays people seem to be more and more attracted to the art of pottery. People are open to explore many artistic worlds and all sorts of interesting things that they may spend their time going for a specific activity or feeling. In order to enjoy all this freedom and the nice atmosphere offered by the outdoors, the traditional terrains are often preserved and integrated into beautiful and special places that belong to the outdoors.

Studio Oml has designed quite a nice collection of terrains called Terra cotta pottery. These terraces are located high up in the vineyards of Porto Vecchio and they are surrounded by beautiful trees and very colorful flowers. They are decorated with beautiful sculptures and flowers that create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. On these terraces, the garden furniture is very comfortable and pleasant.

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They also have access to large balconies that offer expansive and panoramic views over the amazing surroundings. As a result, the interior design seems to be a mix of rustic and modern elements. All the furniture has a vintage look while the décor is simple, elegant and pleasant. All the teak wood used in this collection is great for outdoor use. If you do not want to use large Picasso prints, you can opt for wooden sets of terraced gardens that can be found in private residences.

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