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Paper Pendant Lighting By Domenico De Palo

Interior pendant lighting has made its way from the corners of tables to the soaring ceiling in fashion and interiors as well. Porada has played with mirrors in different lighting affecting the way of your room and atmosphere changing constantly. When you look after art pieces by Paolo Della Piappi the aim of these chic pendant lights is to add a touch of your taste and form. The Ando Lamp has just some metal sheeting attached with thin paper pendants which are available in different finish options to achieve a great atmosphere. The design of this pendant by Domenico De Palo is to fit perfectly to your taste and have a great impact!

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Ebb and Flow is elegant and refined and ready for that big impact. It enhances the minimalism of the interior design, the grace of the designer and the light feature to highlight its richness and beauty. Enjoy a change of atmosphere in so 95% of the rooms of this house designed with this lamp by the Italian company Domenico De Palo to enhance the feeling of the rooms and their interiors!

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