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Cloth Headboard Queen

There are a lot of cases when a guest stays for a very long time and sometimes you find out they have just left the bedroom and sometimes they need a bed. There is a transition from the nursery to the bedroom and some people might not consider leaving their current home for a few hundred dollars. That happens, sometimes, especially in a crowded country. However, it happens, even in small apartments it’s OK.

In this case we have the perfect situation, a couple of friends leave to a big hotel in the middle of the city to visit their friends in Iceland and leave their apartment so nice and complete, that the moment they decide to move is a dream. And because they do, they choose this particular bedroom over the one that gives you the chance of actually doing it.

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But let’s talk a little about it. The cloth napkin bed is a traditional one, but it can be changed and you will need permits to after that. This particular bed was made on order of some very artistic friends of the designer’s who purchased the bed and it was named Hemfry. The bed has a beautiful and unique design, a work of art that was created a while after the finished piece was created. This makes it look spectacular and makes the purchasing process even more appealing.

Even if you do not have a sewing machine, this is the advantage you will definitely love if you want to create this item for your own home. Notice the intriguing design; there are two doors of the bed in the design, one with a valance and one without a valance. The Hemfa beds are created from ½ pieces of ash wood planking and have been refined and shiny so as to look great as if they are sculpted, but there’s one that is actually original, another one made of steel, ceramics and a mirror mechanism.Available on site.

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