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Lego Lamp With Circular Frame

Designers know to always find something new to experiment with new and ever come to terms with the existing one. That’s why when someone is challenged by something they should find new and perhaps creatively find some new proof that they can apply in their own spheres as well. This particular lamp is one of those pieces that really impressed even the most of us. All the way. It’s a Lego lamp and it’s only a prototype.

This is a lamp that comes only from within a plastic box so it might have a few limitations when it comes to that. However, once you place on it there’s this flexibility that makes it so very practical. The lamp is made from a total of six pieces. There’s a table lamp and a lampshade and there’s also a wall-mounted stem. The result is a very artistic and unique fixture that adds a very modern touch to the décor.

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The base of the lamp is made of lacquered plywood. The shade is hand-woven out of rubber beads and this makes the lamp even more unique and also something for kids that also wanted a lamp topper. The hand-shaped piece measures 14” in diameter and it’s features a circular base and a lovely copper-plated brass shade.

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