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Half Barn Door By Anders Breiner

Created by Anders Breiner, the loft barn door is a creative wall element that wants to challenge traditional concepts of what a barn door is and what a bedroom or living room should look like. In order to create one, a barn door has to be dismantled and then bolted to a wall. It’s then reassembled front to back.

The design of the barn door is very simple. It looks like a frame that holds the door. It also has a barn door shape and the wood from which it’s crafted is typically salvaged. It’s not just the construction of the door but also the exterior and interior design and maintenance. In this case it’s the barn door that adds character to the residence. Everything about it is somehow related to the barn.

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The sliding barn door is a very interesting and eye-catching element. It’s something that most living-diving homes incorporate. The barn door is very unusual because it forms a nook within the house, near the transparent façade. This unconventional wall element makes the barn door stand out and it allows it to become a focal point in the décor.

The barn door’s unique shape also allows it to have an artistic look. The piece is actually made from stainless steel. The frame is usually the least expensive element sued throughout this construction. It was crafted using forced concrete so generally, an industrial trait that makes it able to stand out in any décor.

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The barn door is usually seen in living rooms and public spaces, as well as private bedrooms. However, it can also make a very imposing and dramatic appearance if the subject matter is art. The barn door was used to establish a connection between the interior and the exterior and its shape, form and function makes it an interesting design.

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