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Corner Chaise Lounges

We all dream of everyone having its own place, very comfortable and easy to feel at ease but also not taking anything away from the space. Is it the sofa, for example? If you’re lucky enough to own one, then you know how important it is to provide the best place from where to admire the view and to interact with others. So if it’s not enough space for everyone, the designers from Trinairauke Pte Ltd came up with the idea of seating two people in curved armchairs, on a wooden platform pulled on by a fabric cushion.

The chairs you see here are L-shaped and have a small seat at either side so that you can lie back and relax while reading or sitting and watching TV. This reduces the distance between each armchair and the room and it also means there’s more room for two people because the chairs faces each other at the front. The designs of the chairs continue, however, in a modern way and they have a gracious silhouette, curving and turning in order to imitate the rounded lines of a regular chair without mimicking its stiff structure.

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The Criss-Cross Chair is a modern piece that redefines the classic air fabric chair. It’s not like the traditional chair we see in traditional furniture and this allows it to be just right in contrast with the Chair 2. It has a structure made of curved linear tubes that cage the individual seats and supports them on one hand. The rings create the perfect shape for the seat and back and the curve only to come off when coming back on each seat.

This evolution of the seated chair follows the same idea. It’s a chair which replaced the armrests. This allows the user to relax in a comfortable position but, more than that, to have the ultimate experience.

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The Wood and HDF chairs are simple and elegant, featuring curvaceous lines and curved seats and backrests complemented by a simple and modern built-in storage basket. The chair is available in a variety of colors and the frame comes in two sizes and five finish options.

Be it modern or contemporary, a chair should always look and feel comfortable. All designs mentioned here share in common these characteristics. They are not meant to impress but, in addition, they are meant to make spaces feel inviting.

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