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70s Style Furniture And Accessories: The El Worry – Eclectic Furniture

Harmonious designs are particularly beautiful and charming, we might say. They’re usually trying to avoid a dull and monotonous décor and a look that’s always characterized by contrasts and little details. However, that’s not always the way to go. Sometimes designers resort to prints, patterns, combinations of colors and sometimes even more small details. These are just a few elements that go really well with the name of the collection. However, if you want some inspiration, take a look at these lovely vintage furniture and accessories.

The El worry collection of pieces includes everything you need in a functional, comfy and chic piece of furniture. The collection includes butlers leather stools, cute cashmere poufs with thick, furry cushions, brococks, cowhide throws, trophy animals, pillows and, of course, the dinnerware.

It’s interesting that a piece as common as the leather stools and the fur furniture is quite rare. Even though each piece is unique, they all share the same characteristics. That’s because each design is meant to be seen and, more often than not, that the result is eclectic. This means that you can use almost any type of leather salvage or faux leathers which come from the animal they were made from. You can shop Etsy or buy them online.

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There are people who prefer real leather rather than synthetic versions. The two are similar so the design is especially beautiful here. The cowhide sofa and the leather stools come in nice colors that also tend to have a pleasant texture. The collection is meant to preserve the flexibility of the leather which can be modeled in a lot of different ways. You can get it either as a sofa, a bed, a cover or a table. It doesn’t really have a formal design so it would look best in apartments.

Another simple and interesting way of looking at leather furniture is through interlocking spaces. This is a concept that allows you to do that by using a certain type of leather and thus shifting the actual furniture into others’ spaces. You can also remodel the dining setting to make it less similar by adding some new chairs or removing the old ones. Sometimes this can also be a good way of trying to incorporate other unusual ideas into one’s project.

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It’s also important to take a step back to rethink the possibilities of the furniture in which you’ll be dealing with an unexpected design. Some pieces such as the bookcases and accent blocks can serve as dividers, creating interesting interior designs. The struggle is sometimes not to connect the pieces and to integrate them into a wider space but at other times the presence of an oversized chair or an oversized armchair may be a match for the décor.

A different strategy can be to have white furniture in large spaces. The main problem may be the lack of color combined with the cold nature of the material or the lack of wood finishes and textures present in its design or its form. Stay away from strong contrasts and use warm color tones. Try to complement each piece using as few colors as possible. This can be an interesting strategy in case of distinct pieces.

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If a space doesn’t have a big enough window, an oversized chair or an oversized lamp can be an unexpected way of adding color to the room. In this case, the artwork can be a source of light through its color. Alternatively, you can use side tables, nightstands and small nightstands to draw attention to an accent feature in the room.

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