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54 Bathtub & Sink Furniture Designs To Suit Every Style

Bathrooms are always a special place to go when you like the latest trends and beauty and enjoy a luxurious experience. It is also a space where you can enjoy every moment spent relaxing and feeling comfortable. This freshness and comfort is needed in the bathroom. Nowadays modern bathroom can mean a large room filled with natural light, soothing colors, high quality materials and attractive combinations of rare decorative and furniture pieces.

Today we would like to present you a selection of distinctive designs, in colors reminiscent of luxury baths, bathtubs and other pieces of furniture. These elegant and exquisite bath suites and suites only exist in the former phase of my life when I was a teenager. When teenager’sartment basically has nothing but a bed and a floor and a window it’s a real challenge to decorate and to imagine how it would look like before you’re finished. So let’s see some inspiration in order to help us in this quest of creation.

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The tub designed by Linda Bergroth Architekti features a hammered pedestal sink used in stunning locations. The tub is available in several different sizes and color tones and the balance of haute, pure and neutral color tones ensures a very special atmosphere while also creating a strong contrast with the rest of the décor.

These bathtubs, whatever their size, shape, dimensions and shape – they are part of a collection destined to capture the feeling of an antique high-class hotel. Notice the beautifully intricate carvings on the walls. It’s a very beautiful and artistic design.

You can choose from a variety of designs, shapes and styles and you can also create harmonious designs with decorative motifs. You can personalize the furniture with your choice of color and motifs. You don’t even have to use color. This is a collection meant to create originality using historical details.

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