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Terracotta Tile Flooring By Grassi Liberty

South African manufacturer grassi has just released the Terracotta tile collection flooring, a set of staining prints made using captured pigment added to terra-cotta tiles. It’s a way of displaying your favorite plants through an unusual, eye-catching and definitely innovative artistic way. This set includes three variations – Chevron, Parabolphal and Cactus – designed to compliment each other perfectly. The colors are also very well suited for indoor use, so it’s easy to mix and match different looks. The three variations versions are great for indoor use as well, especially if you’re trying to create new decor and artistic expression using this collection

If you’re familiar with crushed gravel then you might realize that it’s not the most practical material for making floors. However, the technique used to form crushed pavers is not exactly ary process. The resulting patterns resemble the ones created by the cement on a stick. It’s an increasingly popular choice in the kitchen.

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Cactus flooring is also a viable option for small spaces. It requires no foot traffic so it’s easy to install. Moreover, the area is easier to clean, featuring a very simple straight-forward design.

Coffee tables are not the focal point of the living room which means you can also make small decorative sculptures using small pieces. Their role would be to bring lightness and color to the space and to stand out by being dramatic. So how about some big fluffy sculptures?

It’s important to pick the right spot for a sculpture in order for it to be just right. For example, if the sculpture is placed directly on the sofa, it should be the centered of the room, in this case eye-catching and graphical. The planter or vase with curved lines and interesting lines are guaranteed to stand out and to impress.

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The artwork you display on the coffee table, the rug too, doesn’t have to be very complex of in which case it can be all pretty simple. Still, a beautiful and eye-catching piece would be more a simple and usual DIY project. Try to pick a few medium or large sizes if possible. This doesn’t mean that the coffee table has to be pretty. You can also make it yourself if you prefer a more casual look.

But you don’t necessarily have to make everything yourself. Besides manytable projects, a great one is this modern and artistic kitchen. It’s basically a coffee cart painted pumpkin light. It’s a lovely decoration which you can easily move around the house and use as a serving tray during the day. Of course, it has a fun little sidetable filled with your favorite flowers. {found on livelaughrowe}

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The tree stump coffee table is another interesting project you could try. It’s a really charming idea which shows just how closely a tree stump piece can be used to make a unique coffee table. You can make the table as big or as small as you want, depending on the design you wish to achieve.

On the other hand, if large enough, you could also build an industrial table. As before, the first step is to carefully paint or decorate the tree stump. This can be done and it doesn’t really need a lot of attention to detail. You just need some pieces of wood and some basic tools and accessories. You can also check out Alldaydaydayyourheart. This particular project whereoky chosen to display the tree stump in order to celebrate everything that made this season unique.

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