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Noguchi Table Lamp By Sabi – A Contemporary Work Of Art

The Noguchi table lamp is the result of a conversion of two basic materials. The designers at Dario De Chiritho and Nami Isay have transformed the right side of the lamp into a contemporary creation. The lamp is thought to be inspired by the Japanese mahogany industry and it comes in three different sizes. One of them comes with a mahogany stem and is available for the small and the large version as well.

The sculptural lamp is offered in white and anthracite glass. It’s perfect for the office but also for a living room or bedroom. The light is diffused and this makes it perfect for bedrooms. The lamp offers diffuse and pleasant luminous brightness and it goes well with the most minimalist and modern décor such as the one designed by Luciano Bertoncini. The Noguchi table lamp offers diffuse and smooth light and is very chic, elegant and stylish.

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