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Tension Shower Caddy By Jeiyann Holzel For German Brand Baum

German brand German Balance has recently lost the sale of its luxury Hurstmann bath, but having owned one such luxury for more than 50 years now, we weren’t surprised to see the new look that has been given to the so- called “ Hurstmann” line made by the German designer Jeyann Holzel.

The throne-like tub is made entirely of wood and totally cool for its other side, where you can feel a strong heat that warms your feet and body while you bathe and feel the heat escape when you turn to the bath. The “ Hurstmann” line is made in Germany and sells in a variety of colours and models.

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The furniture is totally in the style and shows a perfect impression of modern luxury. You can feel the heat in the seats and under the feet so as to feel comfortable while you heat up the water to prepare for a hot bath. It is totally different for those who love bath time. The handles used to fix the wet tub make the whole bath even more relaxing. Quite a relaxing experience. So in these cases it is a waste of space and energy too.

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