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Puzzle Without Picture: A Cozy Two Story Tiny Apartment

“If you live in a crowded city and want to prove yourself right away, try to choose a tiny apartment. The first step is definitely the most important one. But if you are creative enough and like to take things to a whole new level, you will easily be able to make your own choices.

Just take a look at this amazingly cute little apartment. The picture is taken from the street level when the apartment is not used because in this way it looks just like a regular small flat. On the second floor are 5 rooms and so is the kitchen which is probably not the best looking option. However, the whole place has a modern and minimalist interior design. The colors used are light nuances and very pleasant tones. Still, they do a great job in creating the relaxing and inviting décor that you would love to wake up in the morning and just fall asleep there. You’ll be dreaming of those huge wooden doors that close the kitchen and close the kitchen in order to save a bit of space. The living room resembles a box with a fireplace. The whole place resembles a cozy small getaway. I really like it!

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