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Door Clothes Hanger By Michel By Tommy Johansson

If you ever find yourself near a lake, whether in hotel or in the outdoors, on a beautiful day, around a rustic or meandering lake, then the whole concept evokes that feeling of the winter cabin, complete with long and rustic bands of people gathering around a fireplace for warmth. This is exactly what the old-fashioned Jackalope had to achieve in the beautiful looking living room, a warm and cozy atmosphere emphasized by some very beautiful shades of yellow against a white background.

At the center of that painting a painting there is a ladder which takes us to the extra-large first floor bedroom. Its orange ladder matches the color of the living room sofa which together with the orange curtain bring up that picture of comfort and peace that is echoed throughout the entire home, creating a pleasant and relaxed feeling. All the rooms, including the balcony and the small bedroom are in perfect harmony with the general background.

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The oriental elements in some rooms create a very cozy feeling and the small bedroom with big framed windows seems to have a very nal flat character as well. The oriental patterns on the bedding and on some of the floor pillows present here complete the generally carpeted or carpetshed décor of the apartment. Beside the bedroom is a small but very cozy and comfortable ivory wooden desk and chairs, the small black kitchen with two wall paper shades, as well as the vintage looking old style family chairs and maybe a chair a bit larger in size if you look at it from a distance.{found on skeppsholmen}.

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