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West Coast Styles House In Auckland

This lovely house is located in Auckland, New Zealand. It was designed and built by BOX Living and it has a very interesting look. It’s a single family residence that occupies a total area of 2,000 square meters. The style chosen for the project is simple and mostly classical. The façade of the house is made of white oiled cedar and this gives it a spacious look and a simple but elegant look.

The house was designed as a vacation home and it’s actually a combination of three volumes. There’s the main house, the main living space and the master suite. The house opens onto a central garden garden, a larger bedroom and a utility room. There’s also an outdoor swimming pool and a combination of timber and concrete buildings that interfere with the site. The exterior is wrapped in white cedar panels and they help maintain a simple and airy look.

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The interior of the house is equally simple and airy. The kitchen has a white cedar built-in and they help maintain a simple and elegant look.

The residence also has covered entry and backyard patio and it’s large enough to be perfect for both private and public events. It’s a great home for a summer retreat and it would make a great family-home. The living room and the dining room are separated from the master suite by a glass wall. The residence also has a relaxing family room and it’s situated on the 12th floor.

It features modern furnishings, a flexible and expandable floor plan and a flexible roof design that allows it to be spacious. The house is divided into three areas. The living room, lounge area and the kitchen are all connected to the outdoors. There’s a lot of color in there. The property also has an outdoor dining area.{found on archdaily}.

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