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Playroom Rugs 8x10x24ft By David Guerra A French Architectural Designer

This renovation took a complete of 8 months and needed to include a variety of furniture and decorations in a very small area. It was a challenging project that cost almost nothing to build, but that was just an impression that the final result had to look amazing. David Guerra is a French architect whose work has become known in all places.

The house is located in Bozen, Italy and the place that stands out most are the terraces that with the help of the high ceilinged spaces create the impression of a larger space. The windows reach the ceiling and give a dramatic feeling, creating a very interesting effect. Even though the place looks very big and tiny in the pictures, the interior design looks airy and clean, despite the opaque walls. The colors used are very nice and the airy décor is complemented by the simplicity of the style.

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The house has a modern design, using simple and elegant colors, classic and modern lines and a modest style that does not overdo the rooms. Still, the place is inviting and relaxing, but also stylish and every little detail is important.

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