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Low Pile Rug

The carpet is just as important as the rug. But you should know you need a proper rug for a living room or any other place where you spend a lot of time by yourself. It needs to be soft and nice to walk on so that you don’t have rough and hurt yourself and it to have warm and safe spaces around your feet for at least three feet. So it would be better to have a carpet in the living room. This Low pile rug is perfect for this purpose.

This rug is special because its shape allows it to have a retro look, even though is more unusual and daring. The rug is hand woven and made of cotton and polyester. It is very well padded and also button tufted, being very easy to clean just by washing it. The dimensions of the rug are available here (55”L x 88”W x 61”H) and you can order it online for $135.The price includes the duvet cover and 1 pair (shams/seating number).

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