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I like spending my weekends out of the house and letting the stress before or After a walk. I do not like to stumble near the house, I prefer to lie in bed, pull out my coat and go on “tilt.” I hate to sit in an all alone place taking a little step, but I have to admit I like it. In the past few years I got bored of adults’ homes and tried to find new solutions for my interior problem. And i saw so many ways in which you can turn a normal looking door into a unique piece of furniture or why not just a wall? Any way, door shelves are very useful, as they are perfect for any room and turn a normally boring and a totally boring door into something so useful and useful, like a shelf. Here is a cool idea of how you can use a door to store different objects: the “Fits To” Wall Storage unit.

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The “Fits To” Wall unit is entirely made of wood and has a very natural design, even unfinished. The margins are made of oak and have different colours: natural, avocado green, autumn orange and, depending on the thickness of the wood, a different colour, depending on the thickness of the door. It is all made in shipping so you can take it apart before fixing it together , or you can come up with your own design if you prefer it, then try to contact Atelier Verze for a product to suit your requirements.

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