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Drum Lamp Shade In The Shade

Every time I have to go somewhere and stay in a particular spot in the house, I need some light. I remember that when I was in school and I had to go to the faculty with my backpack. I did not know what to do with my light, but I guess I needed a place to stay then so I borrowed some lamps for my stay. I found these original lamp shade in the Rivet Hanging Lamp Shade and I fell in love again.

The designer of this lamp was Rosan Bosch and finally managed to come up with a proper design. Since he was an old carpenter, he decided to turn it into an item that would be useful in any house. As the name suggests it, this is a metal lamp shade. It has a very distinctive look, the shade being shaped like a disc in order to look like a sphere. Its designer decided to use a ray-of-threaty technique to give it a unique look. As you can see, the lamp is hanging from the ceiling and no wobbling or dripping wasis have all the lamp’s subtle light. The lamp is made of iron, a strong and durable material and this makes it very resistant. It is now available for $795 from HSN. It is the kind of accessory that every home needs.

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