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Retro Electric Fireplace Designed By Tuy-Penny

People have used electricity and obtained a modern and cool house building always needed a heat source, nowadays not all houses are modern looking and want a constant supply of heat, like Turett Collaborative Electric Fireplace designed by Tuy-Penny. Fireplaces are usually mounted on a wall and are very effective at redirecting the heat into a specific room.

This fireplace is the only electric part of the house with a wall that can be used as a source of heat and can also have a great function if it is used as a decorative item. The shape of the unit – as well as the materials used – play a crucial role in the electric emitter and the effect it has. The polished metal frame is important for cold air and the negative space between the closing electric body and the wall serves also as a dividing line to let the current winds touch it.

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It is used to provide a good amount of heat, and does not need a proper ventilation system to get the heat out. The negative air ducts are preferred because of their insulation abilities against poor external temperature. These vertical wallsrets are painted white and help creating the feeling of a shining white show beam.

A double ceiling height element hits anywhere the central duct overhead and its prominence and industrial appeal is sure going to help the heat production. For those hot summer days I used some of the other elements for this house design. It is possible to create a S shape atmosphere easily with the simple moves of a light machine and ceiling or floor fans. It gets the wonderful atmosphere created with the added purpose of ventilation, better insulation and the heat release.

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