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Post Modern Furniture Collection By Martin Architects

These post modern furniture collections created by Martin Architects are all inspired by the nature and the way the post-modern finishes are presented in the home.”

The collection includes modern sofas, chairs and a versatile office furniture. You can choose from diverse but also from two types of materials: hardwood and raw hides.

This flexible and diverse collection will help you create your own post modern furniture collection. The price for one of them is $1.022-11.022. The other one is $1.022-12.022. Your budget will be defined by the characteristics you seek and the elements included in it such as form, texture, color, versatility, longevity, etc.

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In the case of the Olivier Sofas created by French designer Martin van der Lino you’ll have a pretty good opportunity to try it out when you decorate your own home. We’re not saying you have to give it a makeover, at least not if you’re in a vintage/ historic place. The fact it’s so flexible and versatile is a big plus.

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