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Modern Spanish House In Spain

The project is made of multiple L plan houses, which cover a generous area. The property is located in Valdastan, a piece of land between the Llobregura o la Frontera and the Gothicía. The design of this house is based on white color and contrasts the surrounding landscape with wood of great depth and warmth. The house presents a lot of glass, which creates a spacious feeling and gives the feeling that you are outside.

The exterior design is modern, using the classic shapes and lines to embellish the house. The exterior design of this house is composed of volumes, which communicates with each other and makes it a distinctive modern design. The building is big and white, in order not to be confused with a building of that name. The natural dark wood of the floor is also a very nice feature of the house, which sets it apart. The interior of the house is not that large, but it has everything one needs in terms of furnishing.

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The rooms have nothing in common with the exterior design, which is very simple. The house is very beautiful and stylish, having the feel of a real vacation house. The combination of furnishing adds both elegance and practicality to the design, making it a great choice for any home.

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