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Fixer Upper Entryway Shed Converted Into Summer Home

When you start decorating your home it’s important to give it as much attention as the rest of the house. Everything has to be stored and, if you really don’t have anything specific to make storage easy and simple, you should just focus on that. It’s usually easier to do that when the theme chosen for the whole interior design is actually the most recurring one. For example, a desert-themed interior for the summer period can be this one.

This tiny shed is located in an area where there’s very little vegetation with tall trees present here and the main concern was to keep the shed airy and simple. The solution found was to use simple and elongate sliding panels in the form of an overhead drywall storage space. The tall panels slide out and into storage cabinets placed on the adjacent walls. The space underneath the panels is used for organizing the containers without occupying any floor space.

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The interior is very simple. This is the kids’ bedroom. It has a series of storage cupboards tucked in a corner of the room. There’s plenty of storage in those compartments spread across the walls and wardrobe. The key to the success of this cozy-looking bedroom is the fact that simplicity is the key. This is a design by Divine Kitchens in collaboration with Sebastian Swan Djuric.

The kitchen is small and features white on its walls and white on the floor and this only highlights its minimalism. The door is barely noticeable, just being framed by a thin wood structure.

The bedroom and its en-suite bathroom are one and the same space. The long and narrow tub is only partially covered by a stick-on curtain. The flooring is white and the window shutters are white as well. The long curtains cover the entire bedroom and feature a light brown shade meant to coordinate with the wooden floor and the walls. A similar color is also used on the facade of the shed.

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The same color tone complements the duck-roof window curtains in a very beautiful way. The minimalism is emphasized by the open shelves and the shelving on the wall adjacent to the bed. A detail which’s usually missing is the storage.

The bathroom has both open and closed storage, not the single best feature out of all. The shower is strategically placed such that it can be accessed from the adjacent washroom and the dual shower head is clever designed to make the space appear larger than it actually is, leaving the wall space for the towels. This was a project by architect Nadine Englebrecht

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But this small bedroom didn’t have enough storage. It also needed a sleeping area and a large closet to go with it. To fill it up with the best of it all, the owner wanted to turn the bathroom into a minimalist and modern loft.

The sleeping area sits on a wooden platform, the tub and sink below it. It’s hidden from the adjacent bedroom and it divides the two rooms, which complete each other perfectly. The roof was replaced with a glass sheet which still features the same minimalist design. An interesting detail is the fact that this is an apartment of two stories.

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