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Brimnes Hack Shelter Featuring Custom-made Furniture

We’re always so concerned about somethingovanative ideas and concepts that we sometimes do something innovative with something already invented. That’s usually the case with interior designs like this bathroom remodel. This is a very original and upcoming remodel. In this case, the bathroom features new furniture. You can see that the goal was to create a functional and personalized environment with a new taste and design. Some 80% of the pieces are custom made and the rest are creations of the designers from the furniture factory.

We’re going to start with the bathroom. Its name refers to the variety of wood that was used. The wood is chosen because it can form elaborate patterns and myrnequious designs. But the most common use for this piece is as a shower seat. The door of this room is made of glass and gives the room a sense of serenity. The trend for integrating wooden doors into the house has increases by now. You might have seen there a mirror that was made from some old patina and antique glass. Still, that couldn’t be helpful. We use that to make the mirror as beautiful as the one already in the bathroom. Here, the wood pieces are paired with a vintage sideboard and some antique shelves make the décor seem even more beautiful and inviting.

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Another great thing about wooden door is that it can completely change the atmosphere in the house. We all have different combinations of colors. There are so many different shades of wood you could very easily mistake this type of material for the door of a wooden house and make it the center of attention. Also, there is the possibility of combining several wood type pieces. The door of this bathroom is the result of their integration into a huge slab of wood. It was carefully designed with this material that you can use to cover the existing door of the bathroom.{found on inmyownstyle}

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