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Circle Wall Mirrors By Tchenguel Maaertens

Even though there are so many different shapes and designs for mirrors, some of us still like to draw something. It’s a way of being original. I can’t say I dislike the currentRaw series designed by Tchenguel Maertens. Despite it being so original and stylish, the mirror just keeps bringing something of the old world charm.

The collection includes a circle mirror and a smaller frame. They complement each other perfectly. The mirror is made of brass and comes in four different sizes. You can adjust the dimensions according to your needs and preferences. It can hold up to six people. It’s been designed to accommodate both the standard mirror and double-hung types of mirrors. It does that thanks to the prefilering system that ties the back into place. The mirror is angle-mounted and weighs just enough to act as a single-picture window. It does have built-in speakers and an optional backlight that can be adjusted depending on the amount of light the room offers.

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The frame of the mirror is black and the rectangular glass mosaic in a vintage design is darker and more neutral, featuring black trim on the backs and an enveloped, decorative silver front, just like the rest of the frame. The mirror measures 12” H x 43” W x 12” D and the glass doesn’t come with a mirror but with a picture. The backlighted portion is gray and comes in black. The frame is 30” H x 16” W x 14” D. The dimensions are 32 3/4? H x 48” W.

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