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Animal Fur Rug

Humans love animals just as much as we love furniture. They just hate to be spoiled and to let all that be loved and admired. So when it comes to furniture design it’s no different than with pets. They know how to deal with anything had to look perfect and to be kept in check. This is a fur rug that could be just what you need.The black and white rug is actually perfect for any room of the house. It’s simple but it’s also fun and it provides you with a comfy spot to crawl in and to hide under for more fun.

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The rug is made from durable plastic. The rug is slip proof as the plastic also goes under the rug and the rug pad is stitched to maintain its shape and durability. Moreover, the plastic can be left in the washing machine. The reversible rug would look nice in a living room or in a children’s room.

The dimensions of the fur rug are 95×47×50 cm (7 ½×3), 5/7” x 3/8”. The rug can be bought for € 160. The same size rug can be used for a full rug or a shorter one to obtain the same design.

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