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Half Barn Door Set By Grosfeld Van Der Velde Architecten

The half barn door set by Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten is something truly special. The set comes two unique styles. We start our collection at the price of 22 euros.

More information can be found on homedsgn. It’s a set of two and it includes a birdcage cover that measures 8?W x 16?D x 25?H. It’s a very ingenious use of a simple barn door and a simple but bold and eye-catching design. The set is composed of a pivoting wood door and a sliding door located horizontally. The door slides on its own through the pivoting.

The door is made of natural dark sisal wood and has a strong visual impact. It’s a minimalist piece that hides the rod inside and uses contrasting light sensations to charge the door. The door is made of natural oiled pine and beech doors are made of oil-coloured white oak. The use of thin materials and common colors gives a very fine design. It’s a simple and efficient way of decorating a new space without using too much intervention. You can also use the set to create contrast by pairing it with other more simple elements and styles.

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