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Chair Swings Indoor Or Outdoor

We all dream at night of when we were tired but, still, the time seems to pass when we feel relaxed. Usually this is the moment when we all dream of the moment when we get to relax in the peaceful atmosphere where we can have company and where we can play chess, have a cup of coffee with our friends and drift in the middle of the night. And the first thing you expect when you enter such a space is the light that billow from the skylight. Well, what about that light.

It is as though the light ceiling sky is endless. I type of feeling like a starry sky and I am still able to enjoy some quality time in the open. The chair swings in the living room and outside and, in front of my window is a small terrace that you might walk on or maybe enjoy the trees.

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The way the light runs along the walls is the result of the play of angles and lights that decorate the ceiling. From one terrace to another, the lighting is either LED or fluorescent, depending on the electric electric lighting system. The comfortable furniture around this sphere is also available in fabric or leather. What a nice way to move around in the house!

For a more dynamic atmosphere, the furniture will probably be converted to a sofa. What a nice option, don’t you think?

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