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Copper Spittoon With Bulb Lighting

I like brass as a colour, but I admit it does not look good. That is because it is thin and hard to light while burnt and hardy, which sometimes blisters the bulb, but this is an accidents done by some people some years ago. Any way, the guys from Haus Interior did a great job actually designing this copper spittooner with bulb lighting in the 1930s.

The spittooner is the most appropriate example of modernism and as such it is very eye-catching, despite its humble appearance. The company that made it wanted to show better taste, so they glued together and made this really cool spun lighting object. And since the effect is so cool and beyond perfect, you will not be surprised to know that the designers worked together to create it, too, and made it look like a funny mushroom.

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The bulb lights up even if it is very small when it is plugged in, so it looks like in a real mushroom. The light is warm and bright, with the warm light coming from its base and being gradually transformed into a sweet little light with a cute little face inside, which is called the “broom lighting” and is meant to measure our size before it illuminates the room. The manufacturer , HUOK, allows you to return units after you order, so you will have to contact the guys from H&M.

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