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Parol Filipino In An Olive Tree, A 100 Years Old, Made With The Power To Hold Floods

It is incredible how old and falling into natural disasters can be kept and brought forward somehow. It is not as if we do not have a protective, protective habitat, but an immense protection that, just like a muriner or an olive, we, too have, should be provided to us. This protection should be provided because of the kind of damage that could be done to coastal areas, especially in Trento, where Florian Schoup attempts to call for innovative flood protection protection.

The building’s position on the lot, facing the sea, is one that gives direct and clear view on the harbor of Tuscour d’Auluis. The sloping site, full of rocks and a water body, is in direct dialogue with hillside which, guided by the existing trees, bends and falls, forcing the transformation of the building to the highest levels. The intervention thus done is in dialogue with its surroundings.

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In the back of the site there is a large swimming pool in the landscape. It contrasts with the protection from the sun in the same respect that we give the building to the surroundings. The transparency of the house allows natural light to flood into the interior, making it look spectacular.

Two walls; one with a length of more than 150m and one with an area of equipment of 120m and 5 meters high. The breaking of the walls have a very important impact on the project the fluidity and simplicity of the architecture.

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