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Broken Wine Glass – A Completely Unique Accessory That Will Definitely Wake You Up

Even though we live in a modern world, we still need all the coffee and chocolate stains and we want that everything be clean as well. Still, we can’t put an order on it. There are people that prefer to be as natural as possible in our lives and they create the contemporary decors. Some have sophisticated designs and they create bursts of color. This is one of them. It’s an extremely special accessory.. It’s an unexpected burst of color even without any special characteristics or details.The wine glasses were created by designer Roberto Cruz Garcia. He decided to create an eye-catching accessory that completely transforms the way we use the wine bottles. This is the Mini Lot vases created by designer Edward Coke.

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The vases are basically pieces of furniture. They have designs that are unlike any other. The main piece is a dining table and its top are a mix of glass vases and open wooden racks. With this collection you can sample some of the styles that they feature. The vases are inspired by the variety of glass vases that used to be sources of raw materials and materials from nature. The glasses used to obtain this type of table top are not just beautiful but also practical as well. These vases come in pairs of two and they serve as accessories.

The table top is actually a pedestal made of two glass laminated cones. The design is very simple and yet very interesting. The cone-marble structure is a way of adding style to an outdoor table. The vases are also a cheap way of covering up the initial table base made of slate.Available for 800$.

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