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Drawer Spice Rack With Leather Straps By Ibride Fjetsch

When you’re a baker or as a type of general user you have to deal with a lot of things. This is the first part when baking, cleaning and making but it’s not the same thing as having an original spice rack on the kitchen counter. It’s quite difficult to make something useful out of the old, rusty spice racks and that’s why people always try to re-imagine and recreate these projects and to turn them into actual pieces of furniture. So here’s a useful and interesting example.

This is a two-piece spice rack. It was designed by Ibride Fjetsch for Finnish company My Kitchen. It incorporates a wooden shelf that has a hole in the middle. This hole can be sued to store bags, spice jars or utensils and can be a very useful storage area for small items. Also, if you want to save some space on the counter, you can use the bottom half of the spice rack.

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The design of the rack is very simple. It consists of two half-bricks each organized as units. The unit is perfectly functional. It resembles a large wooden box. The unit is made from several layers of plywood. The plywood only has half of an inch in diameter. In order to obtain the built-in storage shelves, the upper shelf is made of powder-coated cast iron. The rack is perfect for small apartments, but also for any type of space, for any interior design.

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