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Stacking Plates Can Be Used To Create Some Beautiful Wall Art

Canvas is a very useful frame especially when the décor allows you to display numerous items on it. Wall art is usually done by painting or painting directly on fabric. But plate hooks are just as wonderful. To make these beautiful decorations you need canvas, seashells, scissors and a needle and thread. All the details of the project can be found on freshmommy.

All you need to do is take a plain cloth and start to stitch on the plate. Don’t stop there. Use the sewing stitch to attach the little pieces of fabric to the plate’s surface. Start in a corner and continue with another little piece of fabric. Pull out each piece of fabric at a good 90 degrees and start to attach them. Pull out each piece of fabric at the bottom and start to attach to the beginning corner. You can use a needle and thread to outline the shape.

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Once everything is in place and you have created the desired design, start to attach the plates. At first, you just need to attach the mounting hardware (bikes not recommended). If it’s a pendant for example, attach it using the #11 hardware just before the pendant is evenly installed. Then attach the dishes. At the end, start to attach the hooks and plates. At the end, add the string and the chandelier. At the edge of the dishwasher, use the remaining space as a display area.

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