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Behr Tiny House In Brazil By Kali Architect & Design

Behr is a small house in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is located on the 24th floor. It was designed in 2013, and its owner has a standard accommodation to be used on such a special site. The house is not connected with the suburbs, and its wooden structure and different floor levels (from ground floor to a high level) requesting different solutions for the users are common. Based on this, an arrangement of rooms with different height makes it possible to benefit from natural and artificial ventilation.

The ground floor with the best views with the best lighting is the social part of the house. From the living room, there is a bedroom with a good view of the landscape, and from the main bedroom, there is a small bathroom with a view of the water.

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The upper floor with the best views with the most natural lighting is the private part of the house. And its exterior design is inspired by the gardens surrounding the site.

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