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Reading Chaise-longue Designed For Reading By Philippe Best

We have all going on for our king of spades: reading chairs. Inspired by the longue, these furniture pieces were created by French designer Philippe Best, who is known for his minimalism and the use of simple and basic shapes and lines to take a passive and honest approach to shape and lines in contemporary design. The seat, made from a repurposed wooden panel, is simple yet ingenious and surprisingly comfortable.

Handcrafted and quite impressive, the Parisian chair is covered with Shaker technique, which basically involves using re-used salvaged wood pieces in an at-terrace. The result is a wonderful and unique seating solution, usually preferred by book and office sus participants. In case you didn’t know, Shaker technique is an ancient Japanese method through which we obtain simple and rough objects with excellent natural qualities, improving the quality of the environment, reducing waste, saving earth and water, reducing ozone and releasing fresh eco-friendly materials. But it should be mentioned that the cost of owning a reading chair is probably the most high-profile component in creating a beautiful reading nook in your home. A comfortable reading chair is something you should look forward to, as it can really increase the level of comfort you enjoy.

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We decided to talk about reading chaise-longue and we’re very excited to show you our selection of designs which are just a tad bit more original than those which we talked about earlier.

The First chair is actually a microsuede chair and it’s there because its design is iconic and stylish without adopting a very chunky aesthetic. The chair measures 36 x 28 x 15 inches and is made from a polyurethane core, a steel frame with polyurethane foam padding. The seat cushion is filled with goose down filled memory foam and microsuede-pulp fibers which offers a comfortable and soft seat and back.

The Sumo chair is another great example of a comfortable chair with a simple and versatile design. It’s made from a combination of polyurethane foam and synthetic leather, both practical and durable in their simple forms. Love its minimalist and casual look even though you might be a bit picky when it comes to the other details and features.

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The Sorens Taupe chair has a design inspired by the fashion of the 1930s. Its back is made of natural goose down stained dark or black stained foamy with an oil finish. The legs feature a leather tube detailing the same kind of leather. The overall dimensions of this chair are 28” H x 42” W x 42” D and you can choose to add the matching leather sofa or you can simply paint the whole piece.

This is the Sumo chair, a modern piece of furniture which you can use as an office chair but also a regular type of seating around the house. Its frame is made of fiberboard composite wood combined with carbon walnut, plywood, wood veneer and MDF. Although sleek and new, the chair has a hint of industrial charm which is emphasized by the exposed stitching and the metal legs that come with it.

Of course, there’s also one option when you want to avoid buying a chair in a certain material and in this case a certain style. A chair can still look beautiful on a modern or contemporary background but with or without armrests. The Tiamat chair is one such example. It’s made of carbon fiber and has a design inspired by the classical Windsor chair.

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Of course, if you’d prefer something bigger, perhaps you could go with a different approach. A successful example in this sense would be the Deuce chair. It has a frame made of solid blocks and support the armrests. The seat and backrest are curved and that means that the backrest is soft and padded which is great for anyone who likes comfort and comfort in general.

Although you might not be a fan of modern and contemporary dining chairs, you can still find a few similar accent pieces in stores and even Etsy if you can find something that works in your home. A good example is the Hex chair which was designed by Jean Hicks in 1990 and has been a timeless classic.

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