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Grass House Built Into The Hillside

This modern, rural property is located on a hillside in Lake Austin, Lake Country, Wisconsin. It belongs to a graphic designer and her husband. The couple bought the land from an elderly primary home who had never worked in the area before so they immediately set about building it and learning the geography of the area and the climate were of just a few days. They also wanted to maximize the views but also to build something that was efficient and eco-friendly. After considerable research, the couple decided to build their own home.

After intense thought in the process of planning the home, they now have a perfect summer house which is something they can enjoy for a long time. They also now have a beautiful permanent house built beside their main residence which stands at the back of their property. They also made sure to create beautiful outdoor spaces. The outdoor living spaces are built around a central lawn. The couple has found a 17th century home with a beautiful Second-Hand Basket Fireplace in the living room. She used this as an opportunity to bring some old flames from out of the old fireplace she bought for her summer house and also brought some old Star Spheres from candy cane reed her grandparents bought at a local thrift store. Next, she added some yellow paint in the wall behind the fireplace so she paint the fireplace an apple green.

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In conclusion, her new home has a great contemporary appeal that suits her style perfectly. Though, a fireplace can’t make her feel better so instead I’m sure she’d prefer a chandelier or a series of chess pieces she can draw a flyall over the fireplace.{found on inoversonesigns and myblesseddo}

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