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Roomandboard Soho Renovated By Bres.Architecture.

In New York City’s West Village/ TriBeCa neighbourhood, the artists Thomas Cot Court and Alexandra Kahanar have made a magnificent effort to renovate a space that, at the time, was in poor but undecorated condition. When the owners and the designers consulted them, they’ve come up with a spectacular solution to reuse these valuable pre-existing architectural elements.

The renovation project consists of ignoring the original staircase and inserting a large new space in the back of the home. To create a contemporary design that doesn’t compete with the existing staircase, an extensive palette of primary materials has been used. A bold floor plan was created using trapezoidal wooden blocks, articulated with a careful attention to the detail and the placement of skylights, which bring natural light into the staircase.

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The living room, dining room and kitchen are now separated by a translucent partition, a glass wall that allows light from the skylights above to flood into the loft. “We look at it as one more opportunity to bring some fun and play into a very ordinary place that was essentially in poor shape and in very limited space, both physically and functionally,” Court said, “As you change your lifestyle, you’ll probably be less responsible, more focused on enjoying the spaces that make you,”

The staircase and kitchen continue one to the beyond, with lighting, TV and cupboards set back a touch in the new black stained Oak flooring.

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The stairs and kitchen are the third vertical element in the home, like a hinged steel door, that opens and closes, depending on which direction the eyes are being entertained in.

A skylight in the ceiling of every bedroom leaves more sunlight into that single room, creating a lighthouse effect in the high open space between the kitchen and living rooms.

The walls are kept to the main living areas, a combination of concept and finish. A glass wall allows light to enter from above the stairwell.

On either side of the living rooms is an outdoor dining area, highlighting the home’s architectural expression against the backdrop of the adjacent, larger structure. The dining room, set in the wrap around deck overlooking trees and water, is further enhanced by the upholstered deep-bench seating. The geometry of the landscape design in profile to the rounded teak balconiers is perfectly continued through to the tabletop coffee tables and glassed-in pool deck raised at a high level to capture a view of the water.”

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Photos courtesy of Bagnato Architects

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