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40×60 Poster Frames, A New Way To Organize Your Home And Save Space

poster frames have been a new venture lately. They seem to be quite popular these days and they have been asked to one by the designers of the year. It was a great opportunity and many of us were lucky enough to find original and interesting photo frames of different types to display in our homes. Today we found this great space at Lonny and we decided to share it with you so you can enjoy it yourself.

One of the most common names for poster frames is Jomann, really great because of its resemblance to a small but full-length frame with glass panels. But before you dismiss this name too much you might have noticed that this is not how all modern and contemporary homes look like. In fact, Jomann is a very eclectic-looking structure. It has a very modern interior and it’s a great representation of the modern and contemporary styles.

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The living room is not particularly large. It’s a traditional family room but it’s also an individual space. The sofa faces the double-height living room and is placed in front of the large windows, thus creating a beautiful and dramatic visual effect. The mirrored doors add dimensions to the whole room and contribute to the overall décor.

The large windows almost entirely fill in the interior portion of the room, maintaining a very warm and cozy look throughout. The wooden floors are also in perfect condition. The frames are painted black, the walls are painted white and the furniture is minimalist, especially if it’s dark or a contrast material. Only the furniture and the sitting area are covered with printed fabric. The black-framed doors and the upholstery are a very stylish detail. The overall dimensions of the sofa are 90$33.30.

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